Mālama kō aloha

The Battle of Kuamo‘o was a critical turning point that led to overarching changes in Hawaiian society and political power. The Beamers and AKA strongly believe that this ‘aina – with its painful history of conflict alongside Manono’s legacy of malama ko aloha (keep your love) – should be a center for peace and reconciliation. With your help, Kuamo‘o will be a catalyst for meaningful learning and place based education integrating Native Hawaiian and indigenous cultures in modern life.


Our Mission

beamer_familyPurchased for conservation on December 31, 2015, the property is now owned by a nonprofit organization, Aloha Kuamo‘o ‘Aina, which was founded by the Beamer ‘ohana, Hawaiian cultural practitioners. Aloha Kuamo‘o ‘Aina (AKA) is a center for cultural and ecological peace, led by Keola Beamer and Dr. Kamana Beamer. AKA’s vision for the land’s future is to promote aloha ‘aina consistent with the mo‘olelo (stories) and values of Kuamo‘o. A restored Kuamo‘o landscape will link a vibrant local community with a broad international community dedicated to cultural and ecological peace and justice. AKA is a Federally Registered 501c3 Non-Profit.



The Vision and Future

about_001Permanent protection of the Kuamo‘o Battlefield by this educational nonprofit will:

• commemorate one of the most important events in Hawaiian history
• safeguard the final resting place of Kekuaokalani, Chiefess Manono, and hundreds of other warriors
• protect significant Native Hawaiian heritage structures, such as burial mounds, heiau, shrines, house sites, and farming areas
• conserve a portion of the Ala Kahakai National Historic Trail
• interpret for new generations the causes, lessons, and significance of this tragic battle and related events
• create opportunities to teach peace, reconciliation, and Hawaiian values at a former place of war
• reconnect ‘ohana to the land and their ancestors buried at Kuamo‘o